Genealogy 101 Class Meeting 1 of 4

  • 2019-10-16
  • 1:28 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Thomas Branigan Memorial Library Board Room on the second floor

The Doña Ana County Genealogical Society offers its first class in Genealogy for beginners and those who want to insure that they have turned over every rock possible when as they search for ancestors.

The classroom is limited in size and allows for only ten students.  While the class is nearly full, there may be a spot or two left.  If you are interested in attending the class, please email the class registrar by clicking   here   and ask to have your name included.

If the class is full, please don't fret.  Frankie Lerner has already committed to teaching the class again beginning in January, 2020.

You can see the schedule for all four classes by clicking   here.

The topics for this first meeting include:

Introduction to genealogy (the sky high view!)

The longest journey begins with one step.  What is that important first step?

Manual or computerized assistance?

How to speak "genealogese"?

It ain't over till the paperwork's done!

What's in your genealogist's toolbelt?

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